Christian Sbragia 

Executive Director & Founder @ CoolineKids

Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: East Palo Alto, CA

Motto: Service Above All Else

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Christian has been serving the community of East Palo Alto for over a decade. He founded CoolineKids to provide kids in East Palo Alto a safe place to have fun when he was nine years old. As he became older, he learned that community leaders are the only people who are able to make lasting, impactful changes. He reinvented Cooline's goals from safe events to safe community service projects in 2018. He loves inspiring students of all ages through service learning & leadership. Christian is proud to be mixed and identifies as Black. Christian is a student at California State University, East Bay and is majoring in Ethnic Studies (with a concentration in Genders & Sexualities in Communities of Color). Christian also works at The Primary School in East Palo Alto, supporting their mission in a variety of ways since 2020 as a partner and 2021 as an employee.

Christian served as the East Palo Alto representative for the San Mateo County Youth Commission and served as the Education Chair in his high school years, where he ultimately drafted and led the Commission in passing the 'Equitable Education Declaration' that pushed for school districts to adopt anti-racist education approaches. He also served as a lead intern at a neuro-diverse school and worked on training for police to better respond to those in mental health crises. Additionally, he is serving as a board member of several nonprofit organizations including the board of CreatorsCircle, a career exploration program. He has worked for various youth-serving organizations over the past few years including leading sustainable service projects with students at East Palo Alto Charter School's afterschool program and was trained as a conflict resolution counselor by a therapy organization in 2018.

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