Dietary Needs

Unfortunately, this summer, due to limited resources, we will not be able to accommodate dietary restrictions. Families must provide their own lunch for campers with allergies to ensure the child's health. Snacks will be available throughout the program to meet various dietary needs.

Food Service Operations & Partners

This summer, we are partnering with Samaritan House for lunch and snacks. The daily menu may vary, and we are unable to publish a menu for each day. Lunch, prepared in a restaurant-style kitchen, offers a variety of delicious foods.

Lost and Found Items

A lost and found table is available by our front office. Our team conducts daily sweeps, bringing items to the lost and found. Unfortunately, if an item is not placed there, we do not have it.

Child Wellness & The Registration Form

Our goal is to ensure your child has the best experience, being healthy, happy, and safe. The Whole Child Camp Registration Form helps us understand each child individually, working to meet their needs before the first day. For campers with social, emotional, and behavioral health needs, a dedicated team of Wellness counselors supports them.

Security Measures

CoolineKids prioritizes security with internal procedures to esnure their effectiveness. EPACENTER has a site security guard on duty, and our operations team is extensively trained.

Strict pick-up and drop-off procedures require photo ID, matching our records. Contact our office team to add individuals to the approved list. Any person not on the registration list or without proper ID will not be allowed to pick up a child.

Staff Background Checks

All CoolineKids and EPACENTER staff undergo vetting, including criminal background checks and sex offender registry checks.

Camper to Staff Ratio

We maintain a 1:10 staff-to-camper ratio, often reducing it by hiring additional staff, instructional team members, floating support staff, and leadership staff.

Areas of Need CoolineKids Can't Accommodate

Due to legal compliance and financial restrictions, there are specific situations where CoolineKids is unable to serve a student through our summer program. If we determine we are unable to support a student, we will work with you to find another alternative that might better match your child’s needs. 

If a camper engages in extremely unsafe, harmful, or dangerous behavior that persists despite three or more wellness interventions by our clinician, a support plan from our Executive Director, and one on one support, dismissal will be enforced. The only scenarios where an immediate dismissal is necessary to include situations where there is a concern for the life of the child or others within our space or serious violations of organization policy or State law (such as sexual assault, illicit drug usage, or distribution).

If a family fails to submit the required special education or school support/intervention documentation before the start of the camp, the student will be unenrolled on the first day. This is because our Behavioral Health Clinician and the Executive Director need adequate time to create a support plan for the child.

If a family member or guardian violates our community-wide behavior expectations or acts in violation of State law, the student may be removed from the program. This is done to ensure the well-being of other students, our staff, and the general community.

We cannot accommodate special needs that require nurses or other medical professionals, complex health needs, or any needs that necessitate a staff member entering a restroom space to assist a child. Unfortunately, our staff is not trained or qualified to provide support in these realms, and families will need to arrange for a personal one-on-one aide or nurse. We regret that we are unable to provide this assistance at this time.