Our beloved director Christian Sbragia recently passed away at the age of 19. Christian was a well known and respected leader in the EPA community and a mentor to hundreds of youth. His dedication to others and motto, "Service above all else" created a close loving family at CoolineKids. If you would like to donate to CoolineKids please refer to this link.

Please feel free to contact our CoolineKids team at: 

650-308-9161 or coolinekids@gmail.com for more information

 We are the all-inclusive summer camp experience that provides exposure to ten areas, ranging from cooking and arts to robotics and boxing. We center professional wisdom, student choice, and parent voice in our model; and we are an organization of change.

Our Model

Experience CoolineKids.

Our mission is to empower and equip young leaders of color through innovative, skill-based programming.

Our Mission.

Exploring CoolineKids

Christian, Executive Director

The leader of our organization, Christian Sbragia, explains in detail what we do at CoolineKids!

Anthony, High School Youth Leader

One of our high school leaders, Anthony Gamino, shares what he does at CoolineKids and how we empower + equip young leaders of color like himself.

Jumalay, Middle School Junior Leader

One of our Junior leaders, Jumalay, shares her experience at CoolineKids and how we empower + equip young leaders of color like herself.


How We Work.

KidsCamp Program

K-5th grade students learn about foundational leadership principles through a variety of interactive modes within a crafted summer camp experience. 

Junior Leaders Program

6-8th grade students partake in discussion and group activities around becoming a service leader, then apply their knowledge through facilitating small activities with PK students.

HS Service Learning Program

9th-12th grade students engage in a week of leadership and bonding programming, then facilitate a multi-week summer camp for children in their community, the ultimate service-learning program. 

Leadership Team

Young people and adults (16+) work with high school youth to support, mentor, train, and empower them to become the leaders we need in our society, while providing a higher level of support during summer camp.

How We Lead.

Since 2013, CoolineKids has championed the idea of youth inspiring youth. Today, a significant majority of our team comprises young individuals of diverse backgrounds. Our commitment goes beyond merely showcasing high school and college youth from the community in leadership positions for elementary students; it extends to empowering these young individuals to recognize and contribute to the positive influence they can exert on their community.

Distinguishing itself from other programs, CoolineKids uniquely entrusts high school and college youth with substantial responsibilities, assigning them the pivotal role of overseeing the entire summer program. In seamless collaboration with our ProStaff, these emerging leaders take charge of every aspect, exemplifying the essence of teamwork and responsibilty.

The Program

Teaching kids skills through fun, empowering older kids to cultivate their leadership qualities and equipping young adults with the opportunity to serve their community

Explore the experience through the lense of our youth

The Stats

Our 2023 Annual Report Is Now Live!

"Reflecting on the past year, I am profoundly moved by the impact our organization has had on our community, our students, and on a personal level, on myself and my dedicated team. 

The transformative power of service has woven its magical love into the hearts of countless young individuals. 

Witnessing how a spark of inspiration and empowerment can lead to such widespread positive effects has been nothing short of remarkable." - Christian Sbragia, Executive Director

Read more of our Executive Directors statement as well as an overview of our year by flipping through the attached report ->