Anthony Gamino

Assistant Camp Director, 2024 

Anthony Gamino is thrilled to join CoolineKids Summer Camps as the new Assistant Camp Director. With a passion for cars and a deep appreciation for the companies that create them, Anthony brings a unique perspective to the team.

Having been a part of the Peninsula Bridge program, Anthony has experienced personal growth and overcome numerous challenges throughout his academic journey. Peninsula Bridge not only provided him with valuable opportunities, such as interning at a bank and visiting various biotech companies, but also introduced him to the wonderful world of Cooline.

Known for his talkative and humorous nature, Anthony's vibrant personality adds a special touch to his role. He is also deeply interested in investing and aims to expand his knowledge in this field with the guidance of Peninsula Bridge, alongside an incredible boss and mentor.

Currently a junior at Burlingame High School in San Mateo, Anthony is dedicated to his education despite the distance from Palo Alto. Originally from Santa Cruz, he brings a diverse background to his work at CoolineKids. The camp has inspired him to push beyond his limits and discover untapped potential within himself.

Excited to embark on his third year with CoolineKids in 2024, Anthony hopes to continue contributing his skills and passion to the camp's mission. He is grateful for the transformative experiences he has had so far and looks forward to further growth and success in the future.

Anthony's enthusiasm, adaptability, and love for what he does make him a valuable asset to CoolineKids Summer Camps.