The Cooline kids program

Does your K-5 student want to have fun, build new friendships, create art, and play games?

Want your K-5 student to learn skills like responsibility, empathy, and teamwork this year?

Want to enroll your K-5 student in a program that puts COVID-19 safety and health above everything else?


CoolineKids Programs operate under Cooline Team of East Palo Alto, a state-certified youth service 501c3 nonprofit organization. Cooline Team of East Palo Alto is an independent corporation and has no parent corporation.

Free Programs, Always & Forever!

The Cooline Organization will never charge a single family for any of our direct programmings. We believe in providing free programming forever. No need to pay us anything for food, programming, or services, let our team take care of that.

After School Program + The Primary School

At our in-person afterschool program course for students of the Primary School, we will offer exciting activities to get the students moving, drawing, building community, serving the community, learning about leadership, and more!

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Cooline hub

Not ready to go back in person? That's alright!! We have designed an innovative approach to online, on your own learning. In partnership with the Safe Routes To School, PilotCity, and Involve.Me we have created free digital experiences to teach your child leadership skills. Where children can watch videos, take pictures of drawings and participate in community-building conversations. It has become our online learning hub for children. 5 NEW VIDEOS DROPPED ON SEPTEMBER 10 2021!!!

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Fall weekend camP!

More Details Coming Mid-Late September 2021

Coming December 2021: Cooline Holiday events

More Details Coming November 2021

How We Operate.


We bring in the area's top educators, community leaders, doctors, authors, and artists to inspire our students through fun meet and greets and presentations. Play games, doing art together, sharing stories, and more!


We firmly believe children learn best through play and activity, that's why our entire program is built around play and games. We challenge the narrative of education through our game-filled educational programs!


How can children express themselves, their emotions, and their experiences in a healthy way? By using art! We frequently offer students opportunities to draw, paint, and explore any other form of the arts!

Who Leads The Programs.

Dedicated & Trained Youth Staff

Kids learn best from kids. It's been a long known education strategy. So at CoolineKids, we make sure that at least 90% of our staff and volunteers are high schoolers & college students. Our young students can look up to teenagers and see what is possible for them in high school and beyond. Our high school & college student staff undergo extensive training, have passed background checks and all have experience supporting children before they will meet your child. We ensure all events have 'adult allies', who support them, handle staff/student conflict and oversee all interactions. Learn more and meet our team here!

Cooline's philosophy


Christian Sbragia, Executive Director

Program funded by

San Francisco Foundation

San Mateo County Measure K

Unique Zan Foundation

Facebook Local Community Fund

Program Partners


Chipotle Mexican Grill

Round Table

Trader Joes



American Football Association

The Disney Institute - Creative Leadership




Pets In Need

Fresh Approach

The Habit Burger Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill



Jon Bryant - Videographer


OnZoom by The Zoom Company

Remind Text System


East Palo Alto Academy

The Primary School

San Mateo County Office of Education

San Mateo County Public Health & Nutrition

Olive Garden

Samaritan House



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Cooline Kids media

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