CoolineKids Summer Camp 2022

A New Type Of Summer Camp. Tailored To The Kids Of East Palo Alto.

Free Camp, Always & Forever!

CoolineKids Summer Camps will never charge a single family for any of our direct programs. We believe in providing free programming forever. No need to pay us anything for food, programming, or services, let our team take care of that.

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Play-Based Programming With Art Integration

We firmly believe children learn best through play, that's why our entire program is built around play. We challenge the narrative of education through our activity-packed leadership skill-building camp!

What's the first step to developing a 21st-century leader? Get in touch with your emotions and gain emotional intelligence skills! Art being one of the most scientifically proven ways to grow emotional intelligence. Cooline frequently offers campers opportunities to draw, paint, and explore any other form of the arts!

Cooline Camp Staff Are Like No Other!

Kids learn best from kids. It's been a long known education strategy. So at CoolineKids, we make sure that at least 90% of our staff and volunteers are high schoolers & college students. Our young students can look up to teenagers and see what is possible for them in high school and beyond. Our high school & college student staff undergo extensive training, have passed background checks and all have experience supporting children before they will meet your child. We ensure camps have 'adult allies', who support them, handle staff/student conflict and oversee camp. Learn more and meet our team here!

The Primary School

Camp will be held at The Primary School in East Palo Alto.

Cooline's Philosophy

Children are our future and at Cooline we believe ALL children can become passionate service leaders through the power of play and art!

Meet Our Camp Directors

Nathalie Luna (She/Her)

Camp Director & Founder

Planning & Leading Camp

Erika Madriz (She/Her)

Senior Camp Director

Planning & Leading Camp

Tammy Bao (She/Her)

Senior Camp Operations Director

Operationalizing & Managing Camp Facilities

Sitlali Zarco (She/Her)

Camp Operations Director

Operationalizing & Managing Camp Facilities

Meet The Executive Director.

Christian Sbragia (He/Him)

Cooline's Founder

Camp Design, Partnerships, Staff & Funding

Camp Facts & Questions (FAQ)

FAQ En Espanol

Registration FAQ

Registration : How Will Registration Work This Summer?

First, please review our requirements for this summer. The most important is that your child is currently enrolled at The Primary School and is in grades Kindergarten to 4th.

Second, use our online registration portal to create your camper's profile and answer all the questions completely.

Third, await a confirmation email from us. Our staff will spend some time reviewing your registration form and will accept if we have room in our program this summer. You should receive an email within 7 days once you complete your registration form.

Registration : How Much Does The Registration Cost?

Nothing. It is 100% free!

Health FAQ

Health : Medication At Camp

Please note that CoolineKids Camp Staff are generally not able to dose or dispense prescription or over-the-counter medication at camp this summer.

If your camper usually takes ADHD medication, we ask that you please keep them on their medication. To ensure safety and an overall fun camp experience, campers need regulated bodies and their medication supports them with that.

If your camper has Ashma, we will be able to keep their inhaler in a safe place for them while at camp.

It is important that you know that The Primary School health team staff will NOT be at camp. CoolineKids is using The Primary School space, we are not equipped with the school's medical staff, we have our own staff.

Health : Injuries At Camp

Our CoolineKids Camp Staff have been trained in basic first aid and our Cooline Executive Director is first aid, BLS and CPR/AED trained.

Our camp takes many preventive safety measures to prevent injuries, thus we rarely have injuries that occur.

In the event a camper requires more than general first aid, our Executive Director will make health decisions on their behalf, such as calling emergency services, contacting family members, etc.

It is important that you know that The Primary School health team staff will NOT be at camp. CoolineKids is using The Primary School space, we are not equipped with the school's medical staff, we have our own staff.

Health : COVID At Camp

The Coronavirus Disease has been ravaging our communities since February 2020 and has caused much loss, pain, and anxiety. As a summer camp serving the children of East Palo Alto, we know first-hand, how important COVID safety procedures are to the health of everyone, campers and staff included.

All campers will need to wear a mask at ALL times except while participating in water-based activities, eating/drinking, or alone, outdoors away from others. Campers who can not keep masks on for whatever reason will be required to go home for the duration of the camp for the safety of other campers & our staff.

Campers & staff will also sanitize between every activity and space change (outside --> inside).

All program staff (Lead/Assistant Counselors, Susbitiues, etc) and leadership (Executive Director, Camp Directors, etc) will be fully vaccinated by the start of camp.

It is important that you know that The Primary School health team staff will NOT be at camp. CoolineKids is using The Primary School space, we are not equipped with the school's medical staff, we have our own staff.

Safety FAQ

Safety : Security At Camp

CoolineKids Camps take security procedures seriously. Unfortunately, most of our security procedures are kept internal to ensure their effectiveness.

While CoolineKids Camps does not staff security staff, we have a team of Operations Associates who oversee the front desk and the entire camp facility.

CoolineKids Camps has strict pick-up/drop-off procedures. Photo ID is required to pick up campers as well as a health screener when campers enter camp each morning. You will learn more in detail if your camper's registration is confirmed with us.

Safety : Behavior Interventions At Camp

CoolineKids Camps take developmentally appropriate and anti-racist/oppressive guided responses to behaviors in our program. In a partnership with The Primary School, our systems for supporting students' positive behavior and responding to students' negative behavior has helped us expand the group of students we are able to serve.

Curriculum & Programming FAQ

Curriculum : How Is It Developed?

Our Summer Camp Curriculum is specifically designed in-house and made by our team of planners, counselors, and leadership along with advice and support from educators, teachers, campers, and parents.

Curriculum : Does It Change?

Our Summer Camp Curriculum is a living curriculum, meaning it is changed all the time, to best fit what our students need, new knowledge we have been gifted, and suggestions from our campers.

Programing : What Do You Teach?

Our programming is fun, exciting, challenging, and pushes campers to think beyond the usual boundaries of the world. We target 4 specific areas of foundational leadership through our summer camps!

  1. Friendship Development

  2. Innovative Solutions

  3. Sports Integrated Collaboration

  4. Compassionate Hearts

While these may seem overly simple, know that empowered kids will equal empowered change-makers in a few years!

Programing : How Do You Teach It?

At the core of Cooline, we belive in teaching children leadership skills through play and the arts. This means your camper will be learning through activtes, art, projects and physical activites.

Staff & Leadership FAQ

Staff : Will It Be Staffed By TPS Or CoolineKids Staff?

This is a CoolineKids Summer Camp program, and is NOT run by TPS staff. It is run by CoolineKids staff. We are using The Primary School facilities for our camp this year, and we are offering summer camp for free for their families. Again, this camp is NOT run, managed, or supervised by The Primary School.

If you have any questions or concerns, you must forward them to Christian Sbragia, the Executive Director of The Cooline Organization at or 650-850-1179. TPS staff is not equipped to answer questions or address concerns regarding our camp.

Staff : Who Is On The Camp Leadership Team

Christian Sbragia, Executive Director, The Cooline Organization

Christian has led over 100 events, classes, service projects, and camps, works as the School Programs Assistant & Afterschool Support Aide for The Primary School, is the San Mateo County YC Education Chair, serves on 5+ nonprofit boards serving children, and has been the Executive Director of Cooline, since its founding in 2014. Christian has multiple certifications in nonprofit leadership, program design and is Disney Leadership Certified. Christian has undergone supervisory harassment training, a certified CA mandated reporter and has been recognized as one of San Mateo County's top education equity leaders. Christian specializes in programs for K-5 students.

Nathalie Luna Nunez, Senior Camp Director, CoolineKids Program

Nathalie is one of the founding staff of Cooline, along with Christian, she has an extensive history of supporting young children. Last year, she served as our Senior Staff Planner for our Summer Camp 2021, and has a history of leading, participating in, and planning our past year's summer programs. Nathalie specializes in programs for PreK-2 students.

Erika Madriz, Camp Program Director, CoolineKids Program

Erika served as a Summer Fellow and Lead Camp Counselor in our 2021 Summer Camp program. She is deeply connected to the youth of our community and the challenges they face. She brings transparency to our programs and staff. Erika is great in almost all environments that serve kids. She is a regular volunteer at The Primary School as of Fall 2021.

Tammy Bao, Camp Operations Director, CoolineKids Program

Tammy served as an Online Summer Fellow and Camp Counselor in our 2021 Summer Camp program. She has been serving online from a distance for a while and is excited to join us back in person this summer!

Staff : Who Do You Hire For Counselor Roles?

Cooline prides itself on hiring a diverse staff of young people to support our summer camps! Learn more by scrolling up to our "Cooline Camp Staff Are Like No Other" section on this site.

Staff : I Want To Hear More About Your Background Check Process For Staff.

Cooline requires all staff to pass a general background check (Under & Over 18) including running their name through the Registered Sex Offender list.

Staff : Camper <> Staff Ratio

CoolineKids has a 1:5 minimum ratio at all times during camp. Though, we most often have a 1:3 ratio at our camp. We have a total of 35 staffers on site this summer!

Communications FAQ

Communications : I Have Questions, Who Do I Contact?

Contact Christian Sbragia, Camp Executive Director

Communications : How Will You Be Communicating With Me?

Once you receive your registration confirmation email, you will be sent a link to join our Remind, a secure messaging system. This is required as this is how we communicate with all families and staff. We will send updates, reminders, individual check ins, etc via this system.

Communications : Who Should I Expect To Hear From?

You will primarily hear from Christian, the Executive Director of Cooline, as well as occasional messages from Nathalie, Erika, and Tammy, our camp directors. Please forward all questions and concerns about our camp, staff, facilities, or operations to Christian. You can also contact him directly by texting him at 650-850-1179

Communications : Will Someone On The Team Speak My Language?

CoolineKids Summer Camps is able to staff team members who are able to speak English, Spanish & Tongan this summer. Note: this is subject to change as our staffing may change before camp.

Logistics & Operations FAQ

Operations : What Food Will Be Provided

Each camper will get a morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. Lunch will be catered from Panda Express Palo Alto! All food is free for campers! Students with allergies should bring their own lunch for safety reasons.

Operations : What Will The Check-In Process Look Like?

Coming May 2022

Operations : What Will The Pick-Up Process Look Like?

Coming May 2022

Operations : What Will Food Service Look Like?

Coming May 2022

For Additional Questions...

Please contact us by texting or emailing us!

Camp Leadership Team: 650-503-4285 at

Christian Sbragia, Executive Director: 650-850-1179 at