In-person Important FActs

Your questions, answered.

What kind of questions will be answering? Will it be the campers or parents answering?

The parent will be answering for their camper on our COVID contact tracing site. If a camper arrives without their parent present, we will ask the camper the questions directly. Questions will be direct and simple such as have you come into contact with anyone with COVID in the last 2 weeks? -- Do you have any cold or flu symptoms?

after check-in, will I be allowed to stay with my camper?

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 situation, parents will not be allowed on site. In some cases, parents may be allowed to enter to see the area. Rest assured, not only do we have our teen and adult staff but also school staff members on-site to supervise the camp and campers. Parents are more than welcome to call or text our Service Lead, at any point during the camp to check in on their camper.

what activities will they be able to do?

We have over 150 COVID-safe in-person games and activities in our books. With a fair variety of activities, we keep our campers entertained and having fun every minute of camp.

Are you going to have sanitizer throughout the facility?

Yes. And there will be times throughout the day where we will take 'water and sanitizer breaks'.

How many campers will there be?

Up to 10 campers will be permitted on site at once.

Will you be offering an online camp at the same time for campers at home?

No. While we are providing in-person camps, our team will not be simultaneously leading online camps. Some families may be used to this when schools came back in person but in our program, we have our whole team dedicated to one group of students at once. Although, if you rather attend our virtual/online summer camp, you can sign up here!

Who will come into contact with my camper?

Your child will come into contact with our camp staff (including our dream team, kids team, and our summer fellows) in total around 5 camp staffers. Plus, we will also be having a videographer/photographer on one of the days of camp too to shoot some promotional material. In total, we plan on your child coming into contact with less than 10.

The reason we have so many staffers is to ensure each child has the best and safest experience possible.

What will happen if there is a positive case?

Our organization, Cooline Team of East Palo Alto has a COVID-19 Case Identification & Response Plan that has been approved by the County of San Mateo's Public Health Department. Our plan can be found on our main website. The plan includes protocols that require campers to stay home and out of any other programs for 2 weeks to monitor any symptoms and get tested.

What supplies does my child need to bring?

All your child needs to bring is some fun energy and a jacket/sweat shirt, just in case, it's cold in the morning. They are more than welcome to bring their mask from home but if not, we have plenty on-site for them! If their mask becomes dirty or wet, they will be offered another mask for their safety. We will have snacks, water bottles, and backpacks for them, so no need to bring any of that.

What safety precautions are you taking?

We are taking a lot. Check out the full list below!

  1. 1 staff member will be dedicated to overseeing safety & cleaning.

  2. Every attendee MUST wear a mask, sanitize prior to entering, complete a digital health screening, and have their temperature taken.

  3. If food is served, items must be individually packaged or pre-packaged.

  4. If an attendee becomes sick, they must isolate & be returned to their parent/guardian as soon as possible. All other attendees will be asked to go home pending further investigation.

  5. Hand sanitizer, disposable masks, and gloves must be available at all times.

  6. Staff must maintain social distancing at all times (except in an emergency). Students will be expected to socially distance throughout the duration of the camp as practical.

  7. Provide built-in sanitizing time for students & staff.

  8. Provide individual bins or backpacks for each student.

  9. Provide virtual Q&A sessions for parents to learn more about COVID-19 procedures.

  10. Exclude any attendee showing symptoms of COVID-19. Staff should discuss with the parent/caregiver and refer to the child’s health history form and emergency card to identify if the child has a history of allergies.

  11. Have 2 on-call staff backups in case a staff member does not pass the screening or becomes sick.

Will your staff be vaccinated or teseted?

Our staff will have the option to get the vaccine if they are aged 16+. If they are under 16, they will not have had the chance to be vaccinated. Currently, we are not requiring staff to be vaccinated due to availability but many are getting vaccinated. And yes, we will require all staff, of all ages to be tested prior to attending any in-person events.