CoolineKids HQ

The mission of our CoolineKids HQ team is to craft life-changing programs, expand our service through fund development and improve our camper and summer teen staff experience!

Support East Palo Alto's Only Youth Leadership Organization Serving All Students K-12!

It takes a lot to run an organization like CoolineKids...

Join Us @ HQ

Learn how to sustain a nonprofit. Expand your impact. Lead on an institutional level.

Be A Part Of The Education Revolution!

Personal Growth

You will be given countless opportunities to grow alongside our team! But better yet, we want to see you succeed. We will work with you to help you achieve your own person goals (even if it's not becoming a teacher or summer camp director ❤).

Living A Fulfilled Life

Seeing that your making an impact on hundreds of lives as an HQ staff at CoolineKids feeds your soul.  You get to lead while also making a difference for the many campers and staff in CoolineKids.