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Open November 24, 2022 at 9am!

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What Cooline Provides You


Cooline inspires children to become leaders no matter what situation they are faced with. You get to be apart of making that magic happen at camp!


Cooline provides cash stipends at the end of camp. While at training & camp week, you will get FREE lunch, a nearly $5,000 investment, we are putting into yummy food you'll like!


From positon specific training to leadership opportunities, on going professional development and caring feedback that is ingrained in the philosophy of Cooline.

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What Are The Different Teams At Camp This Summer?


The Programming Team is led by the Assistant Camp Director. Programming leads & facilitates all classroom activities, projects, outdoor programs & enrichment opportunities for campers.


The Operations Team is led by the Operations Coordinator. Operations leads & facilities all food service operations, camper check in/check out, health/first aid, front office operations, supplies/inventory, and all the other nitty-gritty details of camp!

Camper Wellness

The Camper Wellness Team is led by the Camp Executive Director and the Camper Wellness Coordinator. Camper Wellness leads all of our camper supports, teaches campers about SEL (social emotional learning) and skills to grow their skills, and offers 1 on 1 support for campers with high needs.

What Does Cooline's Cash Stipends Look Like?

Let's be clear. This is a paid internship program, not legal employment.

Cooline is led by young people, for young people, and we know that summer jobs can be important for many youth in our community. The goal of our cash stipends is to...

  1. To show appreciation to our participants and their time

  2. Validate the fact they lost out on potential wages through summer employment to participate in our program

  3. To give a real work environment experience for youth

All staff starts at a $100 base stipend but most earn up to $300. Specific leadership positions including Lead Counselor, Assistant Camp Director, Operations Coordinator, Camper Wellness Coordinator, Extended Care Coordinator & Play Coach can earn up to $500 for the additional time they spend supporting Cooline.

We encourage youth who are primarily applying for the $$$, to look into other opportunities.

But every year CoolineKids staff participants say the same thing, "I had no idea that this experience was going to be so amazing, the pay means so little to me now that I have experienced Cooline", 2022 Summer Staff Program participant.

Have additional questions? Reach out to Christian at

What Are The Work Dates & Times?

Depending on the program you choose, the dates/hours will vary.

If you are just participating in the Camp Staff Program, which is 3 weeks long, you will be participating from June 12th to June 30th. Hours will run from 8:30am-4:30pm for the 3 weeks.

If you are expanding your personal development & service in our Cooline's Summer Leadership Program, which is 6 weeks long (in-person/online), you will be participating from June 12th to July 21st. Hours will run from 8:30am-4:30pm on the first 3 weeks, and will be flexible in the second 3 weeks.

Who Is My Hiring Manager & Supervisor?

Christian - Camper Wellness Staff & Camp Leadership Team

Alexis - Programming Staff

Jazmine - Operations Staff

Camp Location

Join Us At The Primary School In East Palo Alto

The Primary School offers a new type of school experience, a place where health, family, and education meet to support the whole child!

The Open Positions In Our Camp Program

Connect with campers. Grow your mind. Join a family. Inspire others to be leaders.

Wellness Assistant

The Wellness Assistant floats around camp providing wellness support to all campers. They also operate the 'Wellness Room', a space where campers go when they are experiencing big emotions that is safe, quiet and comfortable.

Wellness 1 on 1

The Wellness 1-on-1 supports one camper throughout the day and ensures they have the best time possible at camp while remaining safe. They are a part of our Camper Wellness team and support campers with additional wellness needs.

Camper Wellness Coordinator

The Camper Wellness Coordinator works to lead the wellness & behavior team, provides the highest level of behavior intervention support at camp and floats around camp to provide support to the Wellness team and their campers.


Wellness Interventionist

The Wellness Interventionist works to build on specific SEL skills like compassion, respecting boundaries, etc. They also support with campers in crisis and are advanced support for campers who have extremely high need.

Lead Counselor

The Lead Counselors are our core 'Camp Counselors' at camp! They act as lead teachers in classrooms by overseeing campers, providing activity instruction, and leading classroom staff.

Assistant Counselor

The Assistant Counselor is the one that does the activity with the campers, creates a playful class environment, builds meaningful friendships and helps provide assistance when campers are having difficulty with their projects & activities.

Support Staff

The Support Staff will support camp in all of our needs. Providing assistance to both classrooms and operations (as needed). They will help cover for staff absences and act as a substitute for all non leadership roles at camp. They may also be assigned to other important areas like assisting in the Junior Leaders program.

Extended Care Coordinator

The Extended Care Coordinator creates a unique program within the larger camp day that reflects the same level of care, intention, and philosophy as Cooline classrooms. They manage daily operations and program components of Extended Care programs at camp, creating a high-energy, organized, professional and positive experience for campers, families, and staff.


Front Office Intern

The Camp Intern (Front Office) is solely in charge of overseeing the front office duties. They will answer parent phone calls and text messages, send out text updates, lead pick up and drop off processes, provide security to the front office, and oversee first aid at camp.

Social Media Intern (Support)

The Social Media Intern (Support) is dedicated to using social media to expand and promote CoolineKids Camps. They support during check-in, kitchen, and around camp with whatever the Operations team needs.

Coach & Junior Leaders Coordinator

The Coach & Junior Leaders Coordinator will plan, facilitate & lead all outdoor play-based programming including camp team competitions. During the rest of camp, they will be leading Cooline's new Junior Leaders program.


Camp Videographer

The Camp Videographer is a master at video shooting, creation, and editing and uses their skills to create all sorts of video content. Their primary goal during camp is to gather video content to showcase our program so that our team can market camp, gain donors & recruit new staff.

Camp Photographer

The Camp Photographer makes sure that we have quality photo content for all of our needs. Get to use a professional camera set and capture inspiring moments at camp!