Meet The Leaders.

Cooline's Camp Leadership Team consists of 3 core individuals on our staff, our Executive Director, Assistant Camp Director, and Operations Coordinator. These folx work from Fall to design camp staff roles & manage fundraising campaigns, in the Winter to develop program curriculum, in the Spring to design camp systems and structures, and through Summer to lead our program. They also serve as the Hiring Managers & Supervisors for their respective departments. 

Executive Director

Christian Sbragia (he/him)

Leading Camp, Staff & Camper Wellness, Partnerships & Funding

In 2013, Christian founded CoolineKids to serve EPA youth, and nearly 10 years later, he has worked as an educator & instructor in local schools and served in local, county, state, and federal governments advocating for equity in education and the nonprofit sector. Learn more about him here.

Assistant Camp Director

Alexis Rodriguez (he/him)

Planning Camp Programming & Leading Counselor Staff

In 2021, Alexis began volunteering at The Primary School, he joined CoolineKids via a leader at the school. In 2022, Alexis was hired as a Lead Counselor at our camp, where he led a class of students and addressed their needs. Learn more about him here

Operations Coordinator

Jazmine Gutierrez (she/her)

Operationalizing Camp & Leading Operations Team

In 2021, Jazmine began volunteering at The Primary School and began interested in our work. Along with Alexis, she was hired to support at our 2022 CoolineKids Camp, as an Assistant Counselor. Jazmine brings the energy and is passionate about serving her community through our work. Learn more about her here.

Meet The Managers.

CoolineKids hires managers to lead and organize divisions of our summer program. Managers are all returning staff from the past year and will undergo special training in their role of leading parts of KidsCamp and camp teen staff. Managers begin their primary work in June but serve as consultants during the spring semester for their respective areas. Managers are support staff and are not assigned to one classroom all day at KidsCamp.

Manager Of Camper Wellness

Isabel Bustos (She/They)

Leads the camper wellness team dedicated to serving students in need of emotional/behavioral wellness support. Provides the highest level of wellness intervention support at camp.  Floats throughout all classrooms to provide support to the Wellness team and their campers.

Learn more about Isabel 

Manager of Play & Leadership

Anthony Gamino (He/Him)

Facilitates CoolineKids’s ground breaking, middle school leadership learning program (Junior Leaders) including community building experiences and our whole child teaching approach. Organizes our outdoor, play-based learning activities and competitive sports.

Learn more about Anthony

Manager of Extended Care Programs

Jazmin Ibarra (She/Her)

Creates a one-of-a-kind extended camp program within the larger camp day @ CoolineKids Camps. Directs rotational Extended Care staff and provides them instruction on how to support campers

Learn more about Jazmin

CoolineKids HQ Leadership

Manager of Summer Programs

Jennifer Franco (she/her)

Crafting Leadership Building Summer Programming For K-12 Students

In 2021, Jennifer was hired to support at our 2022 CoolineKids Camp, as an Assistant Counselor. Jennifer brings passion to the work of children's programming and is invigorated by the vision to create a lasting impact in the lives of kids in East Palo Alto.