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Where Are The Check-In/Out Stations Located

AM/PM Extended Care Is NOT Offered In 2022

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer AM/PM extended care because our staff must use that time to prepare for the next day at camp. Please pick up your camper at the latest by 4:15pm. If they are not picked up by 4:15pm, someone from our evening staff or leadership team will call you and their emergency contacts.

If you have extenuating circumstances, call or text Christian, Camp ED at 650-850-1179.

How Can I Enter Camp?

Contact our team and we will let you inside. For security reasons, the campus will be locked unless it is during check in/out time.

What To Bring To Camp?

Mask, Sunscreen (if you want) and your lanyard name tag (after Monday)

Teachings & Program

Our 2022 campers will focus on 4 areas Friendship Development (creating healthy relationships), Compassionate Hearts (building care for others), Sports Integrated Collaboration (teamwork skill building) & Innovative Solutions (creative problem solving)

These are all transferable skills that can be utilized from mathematics to social studies, while also preparing your child to become a service leader.

Health At Camp!

Keeping campers healthy is our top priority in all of our programming! From COVID to allergies to medication to injuries, learn how we support campers.

Yum Yum!

Thanks to our local partners and the Panda Company, we are able to offer lunches for campers for free.

Campers with allergies: contact Christian, Camp ED for details around accommodations or food from home

Campers are allowed to bring whatever snacks or lunch they want from home too! But it must not include any type of tree nuts (to maintain an allergen-free space)

Safe & Small

Cooline focuses on creating safe, small environments where children can grow. With classes capped at 15 campers, 3 campers : 1 staff ratio, a robust behavior intervention team and strong security procedures, we are able to accomplish that.

Contact Our Team!

We are here to answer all of your questions and address any concerns you have.

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